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E 214Becomming a Volunteer Firefighter and/or EMT is easier than you think!

Over 98% of the land mass of the US is protected by volunteer fire departments.  Unless you live in a city, chances are your family and property are protected by volunteers.


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 Most volunteer firefighters receive no compensation for their participation.  They join because they realize that someone has to respond to calls from friends and neighbors in their time of need.  Being a volunteer can be easier than you think.... and the rewards are enormous in personal satisfaction.


Head-on  Todays volunteers are trained to respond to many different types of calls including traffic accidents, medical calls and fires.  When you join a department, you are provided a basic level of training on firefighting basics to ensure your safety.  Most departments offer training in First Responder levels of medical training.


75% of all calls received by volunteer departments today are medical related.  Children and adults get sick or hurt themselves in our communities, and someone needs to provide basic first aid and life support until the ambulance arrives. Departments use First Responder level medically trained firefighters to provide this service.  Classes are also offered for individuals interested in becoming EMTs or Paramedics.


Today's vehicles, although safer than ever before, still manage to crumple and trap their occupants.  Your spouse or child could be trapped in a crushed vehicle.... who would get them out?  Volunteer firefighters are trained in Auto Extrication, the art of removing injured victims from wrecked cars. 

Ultralight Volunteers, people like yourself, respond to other types of accidents such as plane crashes, boating accidents, and RV/ATV accidents.

 These serious situations are made bearable for victims all over the country due to the fast response and capable handling by their neighbors as volunteers.


FireEven firefighting can be safer than you think!  Volunteers get excellent training on firemanship and safety.  In many communities, old homes are donated to the local fire departments to burn as training.  Volunteers agree that these fires are far more intense than most fires in their carreer.... and they are closely monitored for safety!  In many areas, paid and volunteer firefighters train side by side.  Local, state and fedreral training are available at training centers with classroom and practical facilities such as smoke rooms, burn buildings and training towers.

BusMost states sponser volunteer training weeks at the National Fire Academy in Maryland, where local volunteers can travel to learn the latest in national issues and trends.  

Above all, volunteerism is fun and rewarding.  Whether you are a man or a woman, there are rewarding jobs you can do to contribute to your community.   People from all walks of life give of their free time to protect their familys and friends from results of disasters.  As most departments ask, "Supposing you had an emergency.... AND NOBODY CAME?"  Your participation ensures that this will never happen. Gear

We even provide all your equipment!  So what's your excuse?  Too busy?  No time?  Sounds too dangerous?   Think about it....if everyone was too busy, who would respond to alarms?  Who would help your family?


It's time to be a giver, not a taker.  Enquire today at your local fire department about what it takes to join.  In most cases, you can fill out an application and join right away!  In Beulah, call 944-3167 for more information.  

Station 2Remember, firetrucks don't put out fires or respond to medical emergencies.  These trucks are empty unless you respond to fill them up.  Victim pain continues until you respond to help.  Life and property are endangered until you respond to protect and rescue.


Most departments are critically low on personnel due to the "don't care" attitude of some residents.  Yet when an emergency happens, they are the first to complain about response times, or lack of help.  In an age of "takers", "givers" are rare.   Be one of us.  We need you.