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The Wheels of Deale

Now since, tonight we're spreading admiration all around,
It's only fair to praise the Ladies Auxiliary of our town.

They stand behind the Firemen and aid them to succeed,
By helping raise the money that they so badly need.

Now this will give you some idea, How they accomplish so much,
It can't be done by staying away, But merely by keeping in touch.

'Course it's like a three-ring circus, When they hold their monthly meetings,
It takes a good half-hour to finish all their greetings.

Some come in carrying cookies, or a cake they baked that day,
To have with tea and coffee, When the meetings out the way.

They've got to find out all they've missed, Since last they were together,
They start out on their weight and clothes and wind up with the weather.

But before too long they get around to the business of the day,
By reading reports and making retorts, They've all got lots to say.

And then they come to a motion, it's made and seconded, too,
But discussion starts right then and there, They all express their view.

For they are only women, You know how they can be,
It takes a little while sometimes, Before they all agree.

But agree they do, chairmen they pick and when all is said and done,
They accomplish the most amazing feats and work like it was fun.

They often plan a dinner and oyster roasts, also,
They help with summer carnivals and tend to our bingo.

Yes Ladies, you do help a lot and you all are true-blue,
So all the firemen here tonight, say thanks to each of you.

Margaret Soper